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Vegan / Non-Dairy Protein

Vegan / Non-Dairy Protein


At Popeye’s Supplements we offer a wide variety of Non-Whey Protein Powders, all unique in their own way so you are sure to find the right one for you!

Vegan protein powders are a great option for anyone who is looking for a protein supplement not made from whey. Common sources for Vegan Proteins include soy, pea, rice hemp and pumpkin. These protein sources all offer different amino acids profiles and absorption rates. Majority of Vegan Protein Powders will offer a variety of these to ensure you are getting a complete protein profile.

Another great non whey protein powder option is beef protein, made from hydrolyzed beef.

The potential benefits of vegan protein powder may include:

  1. Muscle growth and repair: Vegan protein powder can provide essential amino acids that support muscle growth and repair.
  2. Digestive health: Some people find that vegan protein powder is easier to digest than animal-based protein powders, as it typically contains fiber and is less likely to cause digestive discomfort.
  3. Weight management: Vegan protein powder can help individuals meet their protein needs without consuming excess calories or saturated fat, which may support weight loss and weight management.
  4. Sustainability: Vegan protein powder may be a more sustainable option than animal-based protein powders, as it has a lower environmental impact and does not contribute to animal agriculture.

The potential benefits of beef protein powder:

  1. High in protein: Beef protein powder is a great source of protein and can help you meet your daily protein needs. One serving of beef protein powder can provide up to 25 grams of protein, which is essential for building and repairing muscle tissue, as well as for overall health.
  2. Low in fat and carbohydrates: Beef protein powder is a low-fat and low-carbohydrate source of protein, making it a suitable option for those who are following a low-carb or low-fat diet.
  3. May support muscle growth: The essential amino acids found in beef protein powder are necessary for muscle growth and repair. Consuming beef protein powder, along with regular exercise, may help support muscle growth and recovery.
  4. May support weight management: Protein is known to be more satiating than carbohydrates or fat, meaning that it can help you feel full for longer. This can potentially help with weight management by reducing your overall calorie intake.
  5. Easy to digest: Beef protein powder is usually easier to digest than whole-food sources of beef, as the protein has been hydrolyzed and broken down into smaller molecules. This can make it a good option for people who have digestive issues with whole-food sources of beef.
  6. Nutrient profile: Beef protein powder may contain additional nutrients, such as iron and vitamin B12, that are important for overall health.


Some great options include:

  1. Beyond Yourself Vegan, containing 20g of Protein per scoop (Pea and Rice blend) and only 1.6g of Fat and 1g of Carbohydrates. Available in an exclusive 5lb tub for best-in-class cost per serving and an amazing flavor profile!
  2. Progressive Vegessential, containing 27g of Protein per scoop, 7g of fibre, 2g of Omega-3S, 6-8 Servings of Vegetables and 100% RDA of 13 Vitamins and Minerals. Available in an exclusive 2kg tub for best-in-class cost per serving!
  3. ATP Supreme Beef Protein, containing 24g of Protein per scoop, 1.2g of Fat and 2.8g of Carbohydrates. ATP Supreme Beef also has the added benefit of being high in Iron! 
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