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Precision Mega Test Exclusive


Extreme muscle growth requires an anabolic & anti-catabolic environment of high free testosterone, low estrogen and low cortisol. Get this wrong and your gains fall flat. MEGATEST is a powerful combination of what you need to shift your biology into an alpha, muscle-building state. Backed by real science and loaded with therapeutic dosages, MEGATEST delivers every time.


KSM-66 a s h w a g a n d h a R A highly potent extract form of ashwagandha, proven to: • Significantly increase free testosterone levels over baseline • Reduce cortisol and help your body rebound from the stress of training • Increase mental clarity, concentration and athletic performance


The only clinically proven Tongkat ali extract for sports nutrition, created by MIT researchers to: • Maintain high levels of free testosterone • Activate an anabolic state while reducing catabolism • Increase energy, strength and fat-free mass