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FREE SHIPPING OVER $99* 🚚💨(Conditions Apply)
FREE SHIPPING OVER $99* 🚚💨(Conditions Apply)

Popeye's Lifting Straps

Color: Solid Blue

These straps are made to the highest quality and engineered for heavy lifting with our heavy duty neoprene wrist padding.

Using lifting straps allows you to strengthen your grip during pulling movements like deadlifts, pull-ups, shrugs and rows.

You will be able to "Be Strong to the Finish"™, go Machine Mode and hit them extra reps when your grip would usually fail.

They will also allow you to add more weight to your workouts and isolate the muscle involved to hit failure.

Heavy Duty Cotton Weight Lifting Straps

  • Adjustable to Fit Almost Anyone
  • Comfortable Neoprene Padding on Contact Areas
  • 20 in x 1.5 in
  • Price is for 2 Straps (1 Pair)