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FREE SHIPPING OVER $99* 🚚💨(Conditions Apply)

ATP Methyl Syner-B

by ATP

Methyl Syner-B is an innovative and complete form of vitamin B complex supplement, formulated to optimize methylation pathways and maximize the bioavailability of vitamin B.

  • B complex vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins that are present together in several food sources.
  • B vitamins act as essential coenzymes in the majority of enzymatic processes that dictate healthy cellular physiological functioning.

Vitamin B deficiencies are on the rise!
Even in developed countries, many people's diets do not consistently provide them with sufficient amounts of vitamin B. This is due to several environmental factors, including the prevalence of excessive industrial agriculture and land degradation. Abusive farming deprives soils of magnesium and trace elements essential to allow plants to produce B vitamins. To add insult to injury, ingesting processed foods, food allergies and intestinal disorders (which are on the rise) all promote clinical or subclinical deficiencies in B vitamins.

Active lifestyle = Increased need for B vitamins Research on supplements has highlighted over time the importance of B
vitamins in exercise performance, this is mainly explained by the involvement of B vitamins in energy production. In the general population, the body's need for vitamins and minerals is met by a healthy and balanced diet. However, recent evidence suggests that despite eating an abundance of calories in North Americans, many still suffer from clinical and subclinical deficiencies of B vitamins.

Ifyou're active, here are seven reasons why you might be deficient in B vitamins;

  • You follow a strict diet containing a low variety of foods. This situation is very common among athletes, especially during a competitive season.
  • You follow a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • You are over 50 years old
  • You train intensively or start a new training program. Your body's energy-producing metabolic pathways are pushed to their limits during intense workouts. Thus, your needs for certain vitamins may increase.
  • As your metabolism adapts to your workout, your micronutrient needs tend to increase.
  • Physical activity can lead to elimination of micronutrients through sweat, urine and stool
  • Vitamin requirements increase with higher muscle mass