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AquaOmega, an Inspiration for the NEW STANDARD in OMEGA-3

AquaOmega, an Inspiration for the NEW STANDARD in OMEGA-3

Maxim Marion is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness. He is driven to innovate, create, educate, and bring transparency and ethics to a space craving it. His love for Omega-3s has led him and his team to develop the world's most concentrated oil in the absolute purest form. His mission of health and wellness has pushed his company to source directly from the source to bridge the gap between "premium" professional products and commodity-level Omega-3 products. Max and the team at AquaOmega are committed to setting a new standard for Omega-3s, where efficacy and quality are prioritized first and foremost to give you and your family the absolute best. 

My name is Max Marion, and I am the founder of AquaOmega. To me, the oft-used term “wellness” can be defined as a focus on restoring balance by reducing inflammation at a cellular level. This alone can drastically improve all areas of health, wellness, and life. This conclusion was not the reason why AquaOmega was originally founded but became so after everything we learned along the way. Our backstory is what will allow you to fully understand what makes our products the standard in omega-3 world and why you’d want to use one!

AquaOmega was as born from an inspiration to do better. We started to develop omega-3 products while our company was involved in the sports nutrition world, producing and promoting whole-food based products. While interacting with our customers and athletes, we were continually asked to develop a high-quality omega-3 product concentrated in EPA to help reduce inflammation, improve recovery, and reduce DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness). At first, we didn't think much of it, but the request became so frequent that we decided to investigate it a bit more. To do our proper due diligence, we surround ourselves with experts, Ph.D.'s in omega-3s, naturopathic doctors, dietitians, and fitness experts, and we began to learn everything we could about omega-3s.

Our first action was to analyze what was available in the market and we quickly learned omega-3 products were abundant on shelves. Moreover, we concluded that there were some huge areas to make improvements since wide selection did not mean high efficacy. With our knowledge about the importance of this dietary supplement and how it is likely the most essential supplement that anyone can take daily, we felt compelled to do something better. It was from here that our love and passion for omega-3s was born and continues to grow every single day.

Where we Source our Ingredients
Our omega-3s are exclusively sourced from fresh wild-caught, never frozen, anchovy from the South Pacific Ocean. We opt for using a single-sourced anchovy oil for a few key reasons. Anchovies are a very sustainable source of

omega-3s while also being a very small fish with very low levels of natural contaminants compared to larger species of fish often used in other supplements.

The anchovy is harvested between the ages of 6 months to a year, which means they naturally have much lower levels of contaminants, especially when compared to mackerel, tuna, salmon, or cod. These older, larger fish are generally harvested after being exposed to the pollutants for 5 to 15 years.

The anchovy we use at AquaOmega is fished from Arica, Chile. Our facility is located at the center of the fishing grounds, which allows us the unique ability to harvest the anchovy and start converting them into oil within an hour from the time they are caught. This is a critical point when producing high-quality omega-3 products to ensure the freshest raw materials, with the lowest oxidation levels possible. Our fish are never frozen and spend zero time on a truck, as the fish is sent to the facility using underwater passageways that link the fishing grounds to the facility.

The idea of catching fish specifically for omega-3s is a unique process, as generally, omega-3 companies are sourcing from fisheries. Sourcing from fisheries equates to using multiple species of fish and fish that can no longer be sold into fish markets because they are about to spoil. This spoiled fish is then granulated into crude oil and run through an antiquated process, using hot molecular distillation. Most companies will use industrial solvents to fraction and concentrate the oils. The most used solvent is hexane isopropanol, which is a known carcinogen.

We at AquaOmega do not use industrial solvents in our process. Our raw materials are processed extremely quickly to ensure freshness and we use a patented cold molecular distillation process with CO2 extraction. This process ensures that our oils are of superior quality, free of damaging industrial solvents, while also protecting the critical essential fats from becoming damaged by heat.

Proudly 3rd Party Tested & Reviewed
To prove ultimate purity, all AquaOmega products are put through rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure maximum potency and quality. All our oils are certified by IFOS (international fish oil standards) and are certified as produced in a 5-star accredited facility which leads to quality, efficacy, and purity. AquaOmega oils are free from contaminants, heavy metals and test the lowest levels of oxidation.

Lastly, all our fish oils are sourced in a good sustainable fashion complying with the Friend of the Sea certification. Due to our commitment to these good

sustainable fishing practices, we have also been able to get our dolphin-safe accreditation. We feel compelled to do our part in the fight against commercial fishing that is devastating the environment and claiming the lives of more than 100,000 whales and dolphins each year.

Brand Values
Our brand values are simple. We pride ourselves on:

 Innovation: Creating new and unique products with a truly therapeutic dose of omega-3s to help our end consumers reach their health goals.

 Quality at an affordable price: We gave ourselves a mission to create the best omega-3s available and make them available at an affordable price. Given that this is the most important supplement you and your family can take, we do not feel that you should have to include them in your monthly budget to give your family the best.

 Efficacy: Our omega-3s are designed to deliver effective doses in a premium Triglyceride form. Often, our products will have between 5 to 10 times the concentrations of others in the market. This is done with a purpose to ensure that we can achieve noticeable results.

 Sustainability: All our omega-3s are sustainably sourced, we avoid the use of large commercial fishing vessels to opt for the use of smaller fishing vessels so that everything is done in accordance with “Friend of the Sea”. With these great fishing practices, we have qualified to have our omega-3s certified as Dolphin Safe.

How we Define Wellness:
This is where the story comes full circle as stated at the beginning of the article. Our passion for omega-3s comes from a place of understanding. We understand just how much of an impact this incredible natural health product can have when taken in a triglyceride form at a therapeutic dose. We understand that the North American diet is so highly concentrated in omega-6, that we are consuming them, on average, at a 20:1 ratio to omega-3s. A state of wellness and balance would have us consuming omega-6 to omega-3s at a 1:1 or maximum 3:1 ratio. An imbalanced ratio converts directly into inflammatory short burst hormones in the body. The excessive amounts of omega-6 we consume have propelled us into a state of cellular inflammation and inflammation is the root cause for countless chronic illnesses and diseases.

Our products are all designed to disrupt this cycle of imbalance and inflammation. Pure, harvested the right way, sustainably with the original delicate balance in place you are going to have the best results using our fish oil and unique vegan product sourced from algal oil. If you have not yet used an omega-3 supplement, I would encourage you to consider it! Not sure which one?

My Favorite Product and Why
My favourite product is our high EPA omega-3. This was our flagship product

and the catalyst to the entire AquaOmega brand. Our passion for omega-3s stems from the long two years of R&D that went into developing such a greatproduct. It is by far the most concentrated omega-3 available on the market today, and of course, the most suited to tackle health and inflammatory issues which nearly all of us deal with every single day. If I had to give a favourite flavour, I would have to say it's a toss-up between the orange and the lemon.

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