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Rise Neoprene Belt

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Who knew a lifting belt could be this comfortable? We did.

Beyond a joy to wear, the Neoprene Belt is ultra-lightweight and will give you all the stability you need with absolutely zero drawbacks other belts suffer from.

Don’t let the Neoprene Belt’s good looks fool you — it’s a serious player.

With heavy-duty nylon strengthened by reinforced neoprene, it can keep up with bodybuilders and powerlifters alike. Simple Velcro offers a secure, custom fit, while still allowing you to tighten or loosen the strap at will. To top it off, the Neoprene Belt is thinner and lighter than its competition. Talk about your win-win.

Where standard belts fall behind, the Neoprene Belt gains a handsome lead. Uncomplicated style meets uncomplicated design in the harmonization of function and performance.