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Product Deep Dive - Creatine

Product Deep Dive - Creatine

Product Deep Dive - Creatine
Taking a closer look at the benefits of Creatine and the multiple benefits that it can have on the body.
✔️ Increases in muscle strength and size
Creatine Phosphate, the fuel source for ATP, is used to supply the type IIB muscle fibers. These fibers are the ones that get the largest in size. By doing so contraction strength is increased allowing you to increase the amount of reps performed. This in turn will lead to greater muscle gain and size. Along with this, Creatine is an osmotically active molecule, meaning it pulls water into the muscle. This in turn will increase the fullness of your muscle.
✔️Enhances recovery
In recent studies, creatine has been looked at for its post-exercise muscle regeneration abilities. In 2004, Santos studied the effects of creatine supplementation on muscle cell damage in trained athletes after running a 30-kilometer race. While monitoring several markers of muscle damage, they found that the athletes who consumed 20g of Creatine along with 60g of Maltodextrin showed lower levels of damage then those who did not, showing that Creatine does in fact increase muscle recovery.
✔️Improves sprint performance
In a study done by Ziegenfuss, research showed that Creatine loading over just three days significantly improved muscle volume and cycle sprint performance in elite athletes. In this study subjects were given .35g of Creatine per kilogram of fat free mass. After a three-day period, they experienced increased total body mass, on average, .9 kilograms and a 6.6% increase in thigh volume, as well as an increase in performance sprinting. Anaerobic capacity clearly improved with the addition of Creatine.
✔️ Enhances brain function
A benefit many may overlook, Creatine has much more to offer then simply increasing muscle volume, strength and endurance. In a study done by Wyss and Schulze, they looked at the health implications of Creatine as they tried to determine the value of it when attempting to treat neurodegenerative, vascular and muscle disorders. The studies were able to show that Creatine proved to be an important neuroprotectant, increasing the survival of nerve cells.
✔️ May reduce sarcopenia (age related muscle loss)
Along with aging comes a natural decline in the production of hormones that promote muscle building, such as testosterone, insulin like growth factors (IGF-1) and growth hormone. As a result muscle mass will decrease over time. As mentioned previously, type IIB muscle fibers make up the bulk of our mass, and this is where Creatine plays the largest role. These fibers are also the first to be affected by sarcopenia. Studies have shown that Creatine supplementation may help switch on a gene responsible for IGF-1 production, in turn, decreasing muscle wasting.
✔️Improve performance and muscle mass in vegetarians
Compared to meat eating individuals, vegetarians will tend to miss out on the benefits of Creatine filled red meat. In a study done by Burke, it was shown that over a 49-day period a Vegetarian group that used Creatine experienced greater increases in total Creatine, Phosphocreatine, lean tissue and total work performance compared to a group of Non-Vegans who also used Creatine, indicating that Vegetarians are more responsive to Creatine supplementation.